Dans Frikkie Dans has brought it to my attention that they will not be able to continue the production of their songs after mid-May until the last week of June. It turns out that Louis has to take time off for his wedding during this time, and the band has several live gigs lined up for the start of June that would make it impossible for them to dedicate time to recording.

We have all decided that we will put the project on hold for a later time during the year, possibly in July or August, when the band has more spare time and the SAE studios are open after their semester break.

As for the completion of my advanced studio production course, I have made contact with The Hot Club of Cape Town – a 3 piece gypsy-jazz collective, consisting of Daniel Franks (Fiddle), Elton Goslett(Resonator), and Mike Hardaker(Guitar). This sort of music is a step away from the kind of music I’m accustomed to recording, however, I feel that is will be an educational opportunity as good as any – and I’m by no means reluctant to put myself into unfamiliar territory. I’m confident that it will be a smooth and productive experience to step into the studio with The Hot Club Of Cape Town



The Hot Club Of Cape Town

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/THCCT/

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